With the Dim Sum Warriors Club, you have 7 Ways to Enjoy 1 Story!

Inspire your kids to be bilingual in Chinese and English—and to draw their own comics—by joining the Dim Sum Warriors Club! 

Read our hilarious stories—in BOTH Chinese and English—in beautifully printed comic books! 

Listen to actors perform the story in our mobile reader app!

Play games in the App to recall the vocabulary in each book!

Practice reading aloud in the App and get immediate feedback on fluency and pronunciation! 

The text in each book is broken into short sentences for you to practice reading aloud in Mandarin and English.  

The most amazing thing is—you can get immediate feedback on your pronunciation and fluency! 

Login to the Members-Only section of our website and get online resources for reviewing and learning from each book! 

Members get access to a whole trove of activities that can be used to support their kids’ learning—from recorded lessons and lesson plans to quizzes, worksheets and much, much more!  

Build creative skills from what you learn from each book!  

Get to meet our creators and see how ideas come alive in our Members-Only livestreamed Bilingual Comic Jam, which features:

  • Bilingual story-reading!
  • Keyword focus led by certified Chinese teachers!
  • A drawalong where you suggest crazy things for our artist to draw, while our teacher shares what they’re called in Chinese!

With the Dim Sum Warriors Club, experience language-learning NOT as some formal, scary subject to be studied only for exams, but as a tool for communication and creativity.   

One of the hardest things about helping kids learn Chinese is finding engaging curricula that are  also connected to kids’ lives. We’ve combined our many years of experience as international award-winning filmmakers and comics creators—and also as an Ivy League-trained professor teaching Masters and Doctoral level educators about the latest in curriculum design!)—to bring you a truly unique system for bilingual learning—through the use of funny comics and drawing!  


This is what parents and expert educators are saying about Dim Sum Warriors:   

“What I liked best was how it actually got my kids engaged and interested in using Mandarin, whether by reading/ speaking along with the story or playing with the cheesy fun character games. So much better than repetitive 听写 prep…”

Alex S.

Father of 7 and 9-year-old kids, Taiwan

“Both of us really had a very good bonding time together when we began with reading the Dim Sum Warrior books as bed time stories, playing the app together, occupying my daughter with the ‘live’ draw-along session & then doing the quiz together…” 

Valarie L.

Mother of 6-year-old girl, Malaysia

“Both my kids have been fans of the Dim Sum Warriors books for some time! …We spent a fun and creative morning at the online Jam drawing different emotions and learning the words for them. The kids were especially crazy over the final minutes when they could request whatever they wanted drawn. A very creative and meaningful way to spend the morning with the kids.”

Huiyi, L.

Mother of 5 and 7-year-old kids, Beijing

“The app is user-friendly, inviting, and is rich with humor. Using multiple modalities, it serves as a pedagogical tool that provides readers of all ages the skillset they need to develop bilingual proficiency as well as biliteracy.”

Prof. Efleda Tolentino

Early Childhood Education Professor, New York

If you have any questions or topics that you would like me to cover in the areas of education and parenting, please send me an email at  yenyen@dimsumwarriors.com. I check all my emails personally and look forward to your questions. However, if you’re a student who’s trying to ask me to do your homework or project for you, I will most likely not have time to respond because I get way too many of those emails and it’s quite impossible to answer them all. 

I also host The Dim Sum Warriors Doodle Date together with my co- creator and cartoonist Colin Goh three times a month. This is a FREE bilingual chat-and-draw-along session run via Facebook on select Saturdays at 10.30 am (Singapore time (UTC+8). If you are interested, learn more HERE.

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