How do you say “Hamburger reading” or other silly combinations of food and relaxing activities?

Check out our video of yet another crazy Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Doodle Date—where our artist Colin draws the wacky things kids suggest, while former professor Yen Yen and certified Taiwanese schoolteacher Teacher Hsiao help to translate them into Chinese.

In this session, we mashed FOOD 食物 shíwù up with RELAXING ACTIVITIES 纾压活动 shū yā huódòng to get some crazy characters, and learned what to call them in Chinese!

Check out the video, mini-poster and vocabulary list below! 

Duration: 30 mins | Hosts: Woo Yen Yen, Colin Goh and Teacher Hsiao

Here’s a miniposter we made for your reference:

Here are the words we covered—all within the space of only 25 minutes:

Bak Chang Exercising
zài zuò yùndòng de ròu zòng

Burger reading
zài yuèdú de hànbǎo

Chili Crab singing
zài chànggē de là chǎo pángxiè

Xiajiao taking a nap
zài shuì wǔjiào de xiā jiǎo

Sleep soundly
shuì de hěn xiāng

Sweet dreams

Sliced cheese doing yoga
zài zuò yújiā de qǐ sī piàn

Popcorn bowling
zài dǎ bǎolíngqiú de bào mǐhuā

We get kids to learn languages creatively through comics!

Meanwhile, we’ve also got many more resources to help you practice and expand your vocabulary if you join the Dim Sum Warriors Club—online quizzes, printable activities, lesson plans, all the stories and reading tech functions in our app, and an expanded version of our Doodle Date with story readings, drawing tips and more.

You dim sum—you win some!

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