How do you say “Sushi in a hot bath” or “Pie sleeping”? Or other silly combinations of food and holiday activities?

Check out our video of yet another crazy Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Doodle Date—where our artist Colin draws the wacky things kids suggest, while former professor Yen Yen and certified Taiwanese schoolteacher Teacher Hsiao help to translate them into Chinese!

Duration: 25 mins | Hosts: Woo Yen Yen, Colin Goh and Teacher Hsiao

In this session, we mashed FOOD 食物 shíwù up with HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES 假日运动 Jiàrì yùndòng to get some crazy characters, and then learned what to call them in Chinese!

Here are the words we covered—all within the space of only 25 minutes:

Fries fishing
zài diàoyú de shǔ tiáo

Pie sleeping
在睡觉的派 | 睡覺的派
zài shuìjiào de pài

dǎ hū

Apple cruising
在开游轮的苹果 | 在開遊輪的蘋果
zài yóulún de píngguǒ

Sushi in a bathtub of soup
zài yùgāng pàotāng de shòusī

Watermelon swimming in seeds
一片西瓜在种子里面游泳 | 一片西瓜在種子裡面游泳
yīpiàn xīguā zài zhǒngzǐ lǐmiàn yóuyǒng

Penguin going to Legoland
去乐高乐园的企鹅 | 去樂高樂園的企鵝
qù lègāo lèyuán de qì’é

Bubble tea bunny in a lake
zài hú lǐ de zhēnzhū nǎichá tùzǐ

And here’s a mini-poster you can use for reference!

Dim Sum Warriors Doodle Date

Note: Where there are differences between Simplified Chinese 简体字 (used in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia) and Traditional Chinese 繁体子 (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong), you can see the Simplified version on the left/top and the Traditional version on the right/bottom.

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