Things You Want to Do But Can’t, Because of Covid ??

Here’s another crazy Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Doodle Date—where our artist Colin draws the wacky things kids suggest, while former professor Yen Yen and certified Taiwanese schoolteacher Teacher Hsiao help to translate them into Chinese!


Welcome to the Dim Sum Warriors Doodle Date—a really fun way to learn Chinese for kids, that also builds creativity and imagination!

In this session, we mashup Food and Things You Want to Do, But Can’t—Because of Covid.

Your suggestions were surprisingly moving! Hang in there, you guys! 加油!We’ll get through this somehow!

Don’t forget to check out the miniposter we made!

Runtime: 35 mins

Hosts:  Uncle Colin, Teacher Hsiao, and Auntie Yen Yen

35 mins

Paper and pens/ pencils for drawing


The words we learned were:

Apple gathering with five people
苹果和五个人聚集 | 蘋果和五個人聚集
píngguǒ hé wǔ gèrén jùjí

Hamburger swimming
hànbǎo qù yóuyǒng

Bubble Tea and Satay flying in an aeroplane
珍珠奶茶和沙爹搭飞机 | 珍珠奶茶和沙爹搭飛機
zhēnzhū nǎichá héshā diē dā fēijī

Chicken Nugget going to the cinema
鸡块去看电影 | 雞塊去看電影
jī kuài qù kàn diànyǐng

Big Cake going to a party
大蛋糕参加派对 | 大蛋糕參加派對
dà dàngāo cānjiā pàiduì 


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