Check out our video of yet another crazy Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Doodle Date—where our artist Colin draws the wacky things kids suggest, while former professor Yen Yen and certified Taiwanese schoolteacher Teacher Hsiao help to translate them into Chinese.

Duration: 20 mins | Hosts: Woo Yen Yen, Colin Goh and Teacher Hsiao

In this session—on 20 February 2021, our first Doodle Date in the Year of the Ox—we explored the theme of Chinese New Year food with feelings!

And boy, did the kids (and yes, we know Mummy and Daddy too!) try to stump Colin with their hilarious combinations! 

Here are the words we covered—all within the space of only 20 minutes:

Sad Tangerine
悲伤的橘子 | 悲傷的橘子
bēishāng de júzi

Confused Peanut Cookie
困惑的花生饼干| 困惑的花生餅乾
kùnhuò de huāshēng bǐnggān

Cheeky Raw Fish Salad
调皮的鱼生| 調皮的魚生
tiáopí de yú sheng

Happy Love Letter
快乐的蛋卷 | 快樂的蛋捲
kuàilè de dàn juǎn

Bored Bak Kwa
无聊的肉干 | 无聊的肉干
wúliáo de ròu gān

Sleepy Abalone
很困的鲍鱼 | 很困的鮑魚
hěn kùn de bàoyú

Cool Steamboat/Hotpot
很酷的火锅 | 很酷的火鍋
hěn kù de huǒguō

And here’s a mini-poster you can use for reference!

Dim Sum Warriors 点心侠® Doodle Date

Note: Where there are differences between Simplified Chinese 简体字 (used in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia) and Traditional Chinese 繁体子 (used in Taiwan and Hong Kong), you can see the Simplified version on the left/top and the Traditional version on the right/bottom.

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