April 22nd – Earth Day in Chinese is 地球日. Protecting the earth is something many of us are all still a bit too casual about—we try to do something when we remember and don’t feel too bad when we don’t.

This year, our actions on Earth have taken on a new urgency as the science is showing unequivocably that climate change is rapidly accelerating, it is harming our health through floods, fires, and heat, and we are now left with only 11 years to simply avoid the most devastating consequences.

Don’t just have a happy Earth Day—let’s take action!

The 6 Rs of Protecting Our Planet

 Do you know the 6Rs of Protecting Our Planet? Which ‘R’ will you practice today?

The 6Rs of Protecting Our Planet were shared with us during our awesome Earth Day Doodle Date on Saturday, 16th April 2022, by our special guest Mohd Ibnur Rashad, founder and chief innovation officer of GUILD. You can re-view the event here:

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Our actions that are causing harm to the environment:


We need to cut down on our wasteful use of the following:



These are the positive actions we can take to help the Earth:

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