Are You A Chinese Ghost Expert?

How Many Do You Know?

Have you heard of the Chinese Zombie, also known as 僵尸 (jiāng shī)?
Are you aware of the Chinese Mer-people, referred to as 氐人 (Dī rén)?
Do you know about the Mountain God of Chaos, known as 帝江 (Dì jiāng or Morris in the Shang-Chi movie)?

This Hungry Ghost Month, learn about Chinese ghosts with the guidance of expert and historian Ken Tsai this Hungry Ghost Festival!

This Hungry Ghost Festival, learn about Chinese ghosts from legend and literature with the guidance of expert and historian Ken Tsai!

It’s 中元节 (Zhōng yuán jié) which is better known as the Hungry Ghost Festival or 七月 (the 7th month) because it’s said that the ghosts are back to the world on the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

It’s the day in which spirits, including those of ancestors, emerge from the afterlife, and we pay homage to them by burning offerings and providing meals and entertainment.

It’s quite similar in spirit to the Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the Italian Giorno dei Morti and Undás (All Saints’ Day) in the Philippines, and in some ways to Halloween and All Soul’s Day (the day after Halloween).

Let’s listen to the special guest 蔡宗穎 Ken Tsai, an actual ghost expert and historian in Taiwan, share where some of these spooks come from, while draw unique supernatural mashups of food and spooks… giving “hungry ghost” a whole new meaning!

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