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 The DIM SUM WARRIORS App will delight your kids for hours with:

? Hilarious bilingual comic stories featuring adorable dumplings—toggle between languages easily!

? Actors reading the stories in both English and Chinese!

? Vocabulary-building games!

? Cutting-edge reading evaluation tech—record your reading and get immediate feedback on pronunciation and fluency!

? Curriculum design by educators from Columbia University’s Teachers College, based on cutting edge literacy, translanguaging and pedagogical research.

? Pragmatic bilingual strategies from Singapore and Taiwan

And you can have peace of mind–our App is independently certified for high pedagogical quality by Education Alliance Finland, one of the world’s top edtech impact verification agencies!


*Note: Offer expires at midnight UTC+8 of 31 December 2021. Every month for the next 6 months, you will have a code applied at renewal to keep your app subscription FREE, i,e, you will be getting 1 month free six times. You may cancel your subscription at anytime. T&Cs apply. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for details.

To give you and your kids extra motivation:


After you read the stories in the app, come meet the creators of the Dim Sum Warriors together with a certified Chinese teacher at our FREE Chinese-English Doodle Date this June, where you can ask questions about the books and the stories!

The Doodle Dates are 20-minute bilingual sessions streamed on our Dim Sum Warriors Doodle Date Facebook Groupwhere our artist will draw what the audience suggests—and everyone can draw along and learn accompanying words and phrases in both English and Chinese.

It’s always a lot of fun, and we’ve even been told that entire families join in too!  Learn More


Yes, it’s possible!

Too many kids have had 2nd language learning experiences that make them feel bad—to the point some even think they’re just “naturally bad” at the language. That was us with Chinese, back when we were in school.

That’s why we created the Dim Sum Warriors Learning System—so kids will willingly pick up Chinese content, enjoy the experience and persist with learning.

Our system is based on Yen Yen’s years of researching cutting-edge developments in literacy, linguistics and pedagogy as a professor in the field of education. We know our approach works. Despite our first language being English, we’ve written a giant musical that’s been performed in over 25 major Chinese cities, and we’ve also watched our own daughter go from zero Chinese to reading Chinese novels within 3 years.  And don’t just take our word for it! Dim Sum Warriors has been independently certified for high pedagogical quality by the experts at Education Alliance Finland—one of the world’s premier edtech impact verification agencies!

It makes us smile when our kids are laughing and learning.

We can choose learning experiences that make kids feel good about themselves!

The Dim Sum Warriors Creators

  • Dr. Woo Yen Yen | Ed. D (Teachers College, Columbia University, New York)
  • Colin Goh | LL.B (London); LL.M (Columbia University School of Law)

Look at what parents, educators, experts and kids
are saying about Dim Sum Warriors!


“My 7-year-old daughter keeps re-reading the Little Dim Sum Warriors books. She thinks they’re really funny, and she laughs every time she reads them.”


Winner of the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress 金马奖“最佳女主角奖”得主

“The students and staff at our school absolutely adore the Little Dim Sum Warriors books. They tick so many boxes for books that are in high demand by students and staff. They are funny, they are bilingual, and they are comic style picture books. Fantastic illustrations, brilliant text and a must have for all libraries!”


Director of Libraries, Dulwich College (Singapore)

“Both my kids have been fans of the Dim Sum Warriors books for some time! This past Saturday, we spent a fun and creative morning at the online Jam drawing different emotions and learning the words for them. The kids were especially crazy over the final minutes when they could request whatever they wanted drawn. A very creative and meaningful way to spend the morning with the kids. I got to draw too!”


Artist and mother of 2 kids ages 5 and 7

“The light-hearted performance by the Little Dim Sum Warriors had the audience entertained and educated at the same time.”


at the 40th Anniversary of the Speak Mandarin Campaign

The Dim Sum Warriors App gives plenty of freedom for practice: It’s easy to toggle from one language to another, limitless possibilities to listen and re-listen to the stories / words, possibility to look into a keyword more closely, a chance to record and listen to your own reading, with good feedback from the solution about the pronunciation. The Dim Sum Warriors Curriculum has:

1. Extensive, detailed and yet easy to access materials for educators to ensure successful learning experiences for the students.

2. Visually appealing and easy to use digital application to support and diversify the learning process.

3. Learning through stories that happens naturally and supports a bi-lingual approach


“The boys are having a blast with the app. I’ve not seen my P2 (aged 8) read Chinese words so fast than at the sheep game!”  

Educator and Mother of Four

“The app is user-friendly, inviting, and is rich with humor. Using multiple modalities, it serves as a pedagogical tool that provides readers of all ages the skillset they need to develop bilingual proficiency as well as biliteracy. It has a unique feature that promotes translanguaging and cultivates appreciation for visual arts.”


New York-based Early Childhood Education Expert and Professor

“Easy to use, suitable for kids my child’s age. Images are child-friendly, language is age-appropriate.”


Educational Psychologist & Mum of Sean, aged 5

“Both of us really have a very good bonding time together when we began with reading the Dim Sum Warrior books as bed time stories, playing the app together, occupying her with the ‘live’ drawalong session & then doing the quiz together… We have so many topics in common!


Mother of Gabby, aged 6

“Deliciously funny and clever!”


Cultural Medallion Winner and Founding Artistic Director, W!LD RICE

“It has great stories that you can toggle between languages to help kids learn them, and has activities to reinforce the words you see in the stories.”


Teacher and Mum of Kita, aged 5

“It’s great because it can read to you and it can change the language and you can even record yourself reading the book.”  

Age 6

“We live in Colorado and I’ve always made sure that my son stays in touch with the Chinese language that I grew up with. There aren’t a lot of casual and creative options for Chinese learning and so it was really fun for us to take part in the Dim Sum Warriors comic Jams! We can draw together and speak Chinese and English together in a stress-free experience. He is learning quite a bit, and he doesn’t even know it. “


Mother of 7 yr-old, Colorado, USA

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