A Special Bilingual Story for Mother’s Day!

Moms must have magical powers to be able to do all that you do for the family!

Here’s a special bilingual story for Mother’s Day for each mother in the world!

Watch/Read it with the family and then discuss:

1. What are the invisible things that mothers do for the family on a daily basis?

2. What kind of daily planning, thinking, arranging, and decision-making do mommies do in your home?

3. What can you do to share not just the workload, but the thinking load in your family?

Here’s the story in English and simplified Chinese 简体字
(used in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia):

And here’s the story in English and traditional Chinese 繁體字
(used mainly in Taiwan and Hong Kong):

Enjoyed the crazy story?
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Colin Goh & Woo Yen Yen


Breakdowns and thumbnails by Colin Goh

Line art by Wu Ching Yu

Colours and lettering by Colin Goh

Cover art by Colin Goh


Prof. Wenchi LIN 林文淇 教授

Voice artists


Mama: Yakuza Baby

Baozi: Yakuza Baby

Papa: Colin Goh



妈妈 Mama: 胡恩恩 Woo Yen Yen

爸爸 Papa: 林华源 Lim Wah Guan

包子 Baozi: 邱樂謙 Chiu Le Cian

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