​Now you can read Dim Sum Warriors Stories on the Web!

We are thrilled to share with you an exciting launch of the  The Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Reader Web App! So now Dim Sum Warriors PLUS+ and CLUB members can access all the Dim Sum Warriors stories on the mobile app, and on the web! Specially designed for Mandarin-English bilingual learners and bilingual classrooms!

Why we built Dim Sum Warriors

We built Dim Sum Warriors because we believe, based on research, that learning is the most effective when students have positive feelings towards the subject. And that reading for pleasure in both languages is highly beneficial to language learning.

And so, we have created a library of high-quality bilingual resources that teachers and families can use in the classroom and at home to increase kids’ motivation for reading in Mandarin and English, and to make teaching through “translanguagingmuch more accessible.

But having “bilingual” books alone doesn’t mean that it’s good or helpful – it could be really boring! For bilingual books to have real impact on L2 learners’ motivation to read, they must also be:

◾ High-quality stories that inspire thinking, ideas, imagination and discussion—books for language learning that simply repeat sentences over and over again with no story and plot become very boring very fast;

Culturally relevant to the learners’ lives—learners must be able to relate to the contexts and ideas;

◾ Really good and authentic translations, not simply literal translations. The humor and writer’s intent must be natural in both languages. This is super-important so that learners can grow not only in bilingualism, but also become biliterate in terms of idioms, culture and syntax.

And this is what Dim Sum Warriors offers – high quality stories that are relevant to children’s lives with really good and authentic translations!

“Students are captivated by the visuals and humorous dialogue and word games that are pitched at different levels to make learning easier. Dim Sum Warriors is a superb supplementary learning tool to Chinese learning.


Head of House and Chinese teacher, Anglo-Chinese School International

Adding the web app to the benefits for the mobile app for PLUS+ and CLUB members means greater accessibility!

Here’s how you can make the most of this new feature and maximize the benefits of your Dim Sum Warriors membership:

  • Easy Access
    • With the ability to access the Dim Sum Warriors app on laptops, children can now enjoy their favorite stories, videos, and livestream events all in one place! With one laptop, they can delve into immersive language learning experiences that capture their imagination no matter whether they are at home or on-the-go.
  • Enhanced Interactivity
    • The larger screen on a laptop offers enhanced visibility, making it easier for children to focus on the content. From reading aloud in the stories, reviewing words in the games, drawing along in the bilingual videos, to participating in live sessions, every interaction fosters language development and artistic expression unconsciously and in a relaxing way.
  • Parent-Child Bonding:
    • One of the most rewarding aspects of the Dim Sum Warriors experience is the opportunity for parent-child bonding. Take advantage of the larger screen to join your child in exploring the app together. Share laughs over the funny stories and engage in the bouncing word games!
  • Utilize Story Discussion Sheets
    • As literacy experts recommend, utilize the discussion sheets after reading the stories to stimulate critical thinking and meaningful conversations. These questions are designed to help children make personal, inter-textual, and real-world connections to the stories they read, fostering a deeper understanding of language, culture and of how to be a better person.

At Dim Sum Warriors, our mission is to make language learning fun, accessible and meaningful for children around the world. With the introduction of the web app, we are one step closer to realizing that vision. 

Join us and start reading today!

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