The regular Dim Sum Warriors Club subscription is $98 per month and $499 for 6 months (15% discount).


A 1-month subscription is down to only a lucky $88 per month, while the 6-month subscription is down to a crazy $350 for 6 months!

So choose your deal by clicking on the relevant graphic below:

A Reminder of the Benefits of the Dim Sum Warriors Club:

A rich, multi-faceted programme for kids


It offers a completely different experience from the usual tuition or enrichment class:

  • Learning methods designed by a curriculum expert and former tenured professor in the field of education;
  • A programme that’s certified for high pedagogical quality by Education Alliance Finland, the world’s most thorough edtech impact verification service;
  • Meaningful—and hilarious!—content created by international award-winning creatives with experience in feature filmmaking, theatre, publishing and multimedia production;
  • Multimodal learning that can happen anywhere and anytime, and at an individual pace;
  • A system tailored to meet the OECD’s new PISA Global Competence Framework;
  • The chance to interact directly with award-winning creative professionals every month;
  • A way to improve 2 languages simultaneously;
  • Access to exclusively-designed original content, not just cookie-cutter assessment papers;
  • Priority access to special events, news and releases;
  • Discounts on books and merchandise;
  • Community engagement;
  • No commuting hassle, no risk of germs
  • A programme that is designed to spark creativity and cultural confidence, not just pass tests
  • All for less than the monthly cost of an average tuition or enrichment class (or even a family dinner at a restaurant)!

Terms & Conditions apply. Details on linked purchase page