Every Dim Sum Warriors story is supported by Discussion Questions to Train Your Child’s Critical Thinking!

Here’s a sample set of discussion questions for our first book, Papa, I’m still not sleepy! 爸爸,我还不想睡!

Upon finishing a story or book with kids, literacy experts recommend using questions for discussion to stimulate their critical thinking.

These questions are designed to assist children in making:

🔴 Personal connections: Can you relate this story to an experience you’ve had?

🔴 Inter-textual connections: Can you draw parallels between this story and another one you’ve read?

🔴 Real-world connections: Does this story resemble an event or situation in the real world?

For all the Dim Sum Warriors stores available on the App, our team of expert educators has crafted both Mandarin and English questions.

This ensures that PLUS and CLUB members can use them to initiate meaningful conversations with their children without having to think too hard.


Get a Club or Plus+ subscription to get discussion questions (and more!) for all our stories!

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