A Comics Competition for Young Creators (6-12 Years Old)

Draw your dreams for Singapore’s future in comic form, and you just might win awesome prizes and have your work exhibited!

SUBMIT BY 2359 hrs, 11 JUNE 2023

Welcome to the home of the DIM SUM WARRIORS 点心侠!

Inspiring Confident Bilinguals


Dim Sum Warriors 点心侠® helps kids improve BOTH Chinese and English through what interests and inspires them—a unique combination of bilingual comics, voice recognition technology, games, and cartooning.

“In short, I would say it’s peerless.  It’s original.  It’s really hard to compare. This is neither an app, nor an online class.  It’s a great mix of the two.  Of course, it is possible to just buy the books, or just use the app.  However, the whole Club package, including the livestreams is what makes it so compelling.  It’s incomparable to any app.”

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We use comics because kids naturally love them and research shows they are excellent for learning languages!

Our award-winning writers prioritize making the stories and characters funny and relatable to motivate the kids’ interest.

We then provide tools to support language-learning in our app and resources.

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Our latest story is now up in the App:


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Bilingual Comic Reader App

With our app, kids can:

✅ Read all our stories in both Chinese and English.

✅ Listen to actors read the stories at normal speeds in both languages. (No bots!)

✅ Record themselves practicing reading, and get immediate feedback on fluency and pronunciation

✅ Play vocabulary-building games

Boost both vocabulary and creativity by drawing along

Our bilingual draw-along sessions:

✅ Strengthen vocabulary retention

✅ Connect language acquisition with creativity

✅ Provide stress-free touchpoints with the language

Club members get to participate ‘live’ in our sessions, while Plus+ subscribers can access recordings of our sessions.

We supplement all the features above with an exclusive library of useful and fun features, including:

✨ 120+ video recordings of our draw-along sessions

✨ Draw-along videos for the entries in our 成语 Chinese Idiom Cartoon Dictionary

✨ vocabulary posters

✨ bilingual quizzes

✨ printable activities

✨ guides and resources

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What parents, educators, experts and kids are saying about Dim Sum Warriors

“Rebecca enjoys reading the comics and participating in the online drawing jam … This is an unconventional yet effective way of learning … The interesting thing is…  she doesn’t think this is a Mandarin class even though she’s learning … She thinks it’s a game class.”

Father of Rebecca, aged 6

“The students and staff at our school absolutely adore The Little Dim Sum Warriors books.  They tick so many boxes for books that are in high demand by students and staff. They are funny, they are bilingual, and they are comic style picture books. Fantastic illustrations, brilliant text and a must have for all libraries!”

Director of Libraries, Dulwich College (Singapore)

“My son really loves the creative ideas he gets from Dim Sum Warriors draw along sessions, and he loves trying to read aloud in Chinese with the app – when he gets three hearts, he jumps for joy! It really inspires him and gets him to try again.” 

Mother of Isaac, aged 7


Learn Chinese New Year greetings for the Year of the Rabbit that are funkier than 恭喜发财 or 新年快乐!

February 14th is Saint Valentine’s Day 情人节 (Qíngrén jié). 

Why not save money and impress your paramour by sprinkling some lurve-related Chinese idioms 成语 instead? Because that would totally work instead of overpriced flowers and chocolates.

bilingual books are great for second language learning

Bilingual Books: A Powerful Tool for Second Language Learning

In this article, we explore the mystery of why many kids dislike reading books in their 2nd language, and how research shows how bilingual books and stories are a great way to change that behaviour.

About Us

Yumcha Studios is helmed by Dr. Woo Yen Yen, a former tenured professor of education, and Colin Goh, an attorney-turned-writer and cartoonist of New York Times bestselling books. Together they are also filmmakers and multimedia creators who have made multiple award-winning feature films, critically-acclaimed graphic novels and a blockbuster musical that toured 26 cities in China.

The international team brings experience in fields from education, law, technology and data analysis to graphics, animation, multi-platform publishing and production, as well as from multiple territories, including Singapore, the USA, the UK, mainland China, Taiwan and the Philippines.

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