How Can English-Speaking Parents Help Our
Kids With Their Chinese?

We know that Chinese is important for our kids not just for future work opportunities but for some of us, it’s also important for a connection to our cultural roots.

We look for books and Chinese-learning materials for our kids, but a lot of it is focused on Chinese for academic learning, and not enough of Chinese for engaging kids’ interests and for long-term sustainability.


Why the Dim Sum Warriors Club?

We have listened to and spoken with many parents about this problem, and have come up with a fantastic solution—The Dim Sum Warriors Club!

  • Adapted from Dim Sum Warriors books and workshops trusted by librarians, teachers, and thousands of kids;
  • Designed by education experts with bilingual families in mind;
  • Certified for high pedagogical quality by Education Alliance Finland!

Starting this holiday season—for an extended period of 6 months—you can have access to the full spectrum of Dim Sum Warriors content and learning experiences AND ALSO resources such as learning plans, tips, and worksheets specially-designed to support English-dominant parents in engaging their kids in Chinese. Kids can get into the habit of participating in our weekly JAM sessions, reading the books, and practicing daily through our APP.


Good news! We have a FANTASTIC DEAL
for you to turbo-charge your children’s learning and
maintain a consistent weekly habit of reading,
JAM sessions and APP with fresh content to look forward to
every month!


The usual price of our combined curriculum is valued at S$530 for 6 months

But now you can get it at a HUGE 67% discount for ONLY S$175!

This works out to only about S$29 a month! 

And here’s what you’ll get:

1. 6 months’ access to the Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Comic Jam sessions
(3 sessions a month on Saturdays at 11am UTC+8)

2. 3 Little Dim Sum Warriors bilingual hardcover storybooks shipped to your address!
 (The 3 books alone are retailing for S$37.50 in bookstores!)
FREE shipping to selected territories if deal is purchased before Dec 6th, 2020

3. 6 months’ access to the Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Comic Reader App
including our hilarious stories, reading evaluation function, vocabulary-building games and updated content!

4. 6 months’ access to the Members-Only Learning Hub
on our website and all its learning resources and activities!



The FIRST 50 people to purchase this special deal will receive 1 exclusive small-group LIVE WEBINAR COACHING SESSION on education, parenting and related issues with our Ivy League-trained education expert, Dr. Woo Yen Yen!

  • Take this rare opportunity to learn about the latest trends in education, language learning and global parenting. (Each session is limited to only 10 participants per session, so HURRY!)

    You will get
    FREE SHIPPING on your first set of books to select territories if you purchase this deal before December 6, 2020!

    You will get
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This offer will expire on 31 December 2020, and may never be repeated!

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