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Reading And Learning Bilingually (Chinese +English) Has Never Been More Fun With Our Book Bundle

Help Your Kids Gain The Confidence They Need Through Our Unique Bilingual Characters And Stories

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Don’t Let Your Kids Get Left Behind Because Of Solutions That Don’t Work! 

Do you struggle with these common problems? 

✔️ Your kids are not interested in learning two languages

✔️ They get frustrated trying to learn a new language

✔️ They think they are “naturally bad” at either or both the language

✔️ They give up easily when faced with boring books and methods

✔️ They always complain that it’s too hard

✔️ It’s hard to keep them focused while learning

✔️ You want your kids to learn two languages but don’t know where to start

If any of these sound familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone! We have just the right solution for you to make learning fun again for your kids!

Price in your country’s currency will be shown in your shopping cart

How Our Book Bundle Can Help Improve Your Child’s Learning Experience

How to Draw Dim Sum Warriors

Effective Way Of Learning 

Empower your kids to learn with interest, motivation, and connection instead of just using the traditional Reading Levels.

Help Your Kids Stay Focused 

Funny and relatable stories to capture your kids’ interest and motivate them to keep reading.

Bilingual Stories With Valuable Lessons

Pick up valuable lessons from everyday life with Baozi, Xiajiao, and Shaomai!

More Affordable In The Long Run

We create deep, long-lasting interest, unlike the boring texts used by traditional classes.

Approved by Kids, Parents & Teachers

Our books are loved by so many across the globe. They make the perfect bedtime stories too!  

Boosts Confidence & Creativity

Gain confidence through hilarious comics, super cute characters, and gamified reading aloud with our bundled app.

What You Will Get 

Our Lucky 8 Book Bundle comes with 8 different books, and our stories are relatable, fun, and engaging – perfect for any young reader.

Book 1:
Papa, I’m Still Not Sleepy 爸爸, 我还不想睡

Book 2:
My Way Is The Best

Book 3:
I’m Very Busy!

Book 4:
I Don’t Want Any Mistakes!

Book 5:
Your Relatives Are Weird! 你的亲戚好奇怪!

Book 6:
Give Me a Name!

Book 7:

Book 8:
There’s a Hole!

Additional Deals When You Check Out (Limited Time Only!)

Purchase by 29th July 2022 to enjoy these exclusive bonuses:

Basic Mobile App Subscription

 Kids can record their voices and receive feedback on pronunciation and fluency, listen to stories recorded by actors, and more on our award-winning reader app

PDF Story Guide To Help Plan Your Reading

Enjoy a handy PDF guide with vocabulary lists and hanyu pinyin support to make learning easier and more fun for you and your kids.

  An Exclusive Invitation To Our ‘Meet the Creators’ Zoom Session On 30th July 2022

Get to know the couple behind the magic! Hear about their vision for the future, and ask any questions you may have.

Why Dim Sum Warriors?

Designed By Ivy League-Trained Education Experts 

Our hilarious multilingual books are based on cutting-edge research into literacy, linguistics and pedagogy.

Certified For High Pedagogical Quality 

By the experts at Education Alliance Finland—the world’s leading edtech impact verification agency.

A New Way To Learn

Get your kids laughing and learning! We choose learning experiences that encourage kids and make them feel good about themselves.

Educating Kids From Across The Globe

Dim Sum Warriors is in constant demand for workshops by schools—in Singapore, Malaysia, the USA, and a growing number of countries.  

What Are Parents And Teachers Saying About Our Bilingual Tales?

“We had trouble trying to tear Nathan away from the books, to get him to eat dinner!”


Legal Recruiter & Mom to 2 Boys (Singapore)

“我七岁的女儿不停的重读 《小小点心侠》 的故事书。她觉得内容很滑稽,每次阅读时都哈哈大笑!My 7-year-old daughter keeps re-reading the Little Dim Sum Warriors books. She thinks they’re really funny, and she laughs every time she reads them.”


Golden Horse Award-Winning Actress & Mom

“The students and staff at our school absolutely adore The Little Dim Sum Warriors books.  They are funny, they are bilingual, and they are comic style picture books. Fantastic illustrations, brilliant text and a must have for all libraries!


Director of Libraries, Dulwich College (Singapore)

Want The Full Learning Experience?

Bring Your Kid’s Learning To The Next Level When You Sign Up For Our Dim Sum Warriors App and Club


Delight your kids for hours with hilarious bilingual comic stories, actors performing the stories in English & Chinese, vocabulary-building games, and reading practice tech that gives you feedback on fluency and pronunciation.


Enjoy access to exclusive livestream draw-along sessions,  unlimited access to bilingual web learning resources, all the functions of our app and more when you join our Dim Sum Warriors Club. It’s like a language, enrichment and cartooning class all-in-one!

About Us

Yumcha Studios is helmed by Dr. Woo Yen Yen, a former tenured professor of education, and Colin Goh, an attorney-turned-writer and cartoonist of New York Times bestselling books. Together they are also multi-award-winning filmmakers and multimedia creators.

The international team brings experience in fields from education, law, technology and data analysis to graphics, animation and multi-platform publishing, as well as from multiple territories, including Singapore, the USA, the UK, mainland China, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are the Dim Sum Warriors app and books for?

The Dim Sum Warriors app and books are for 2nd Language Learners Grades K-3 (e.g. Chinese learners in Singapore); English or Chinese as an International Language Learners Grades 2-5 (e.g. English learners in Vietnam) or CEFR Levels A1+ to B1.

It is not suitable for complete beginners in the target language at the current moment—but we’re working on the materials, and they are really looking fun!

As a matter of general principle, though, we don’t believe in reading levels. Here’s why.

Who should buy these books?

Parents, guardians and carers who want their kids to see that 2nd language books don’t have to be stodgy, boring, overly moralistic or stress-inducing. Our books are great for bedtime storytelling, snuggling up and reading together, or even binge-reading!

Teachers, schools and educators will also find our books great as supplementary reading either for language classes or for social-emotional wellness lessons. Our stories are crafted in accordance with PISA Global Competence standards and our methods are designed by expert educators and independently certified for pedagogical quality. 

What can these books do for my kids?

With our books, kids can see that 2nd language books don’t have to be stodgy, boring, overly moralistic or stress-inducing.

Too often, 2nd language books are pitched below kids’ cognitive level, because there’s an assumption vocabulary-acquisition has to trump elements like plot, character and humor. This actually runs counter to the research which shows that when kids find the content interesting, they will naturally make the effort to acquire the necessary vocabulary.

We have created the Dim Sum Warriors books to be funny and pleasurable first—while also providing the tools and support so that kids can ramp up by themselves.

What languages do the books come in?

The books are in English on one side and in simplified Chinese 简体字 (the script preferred in mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and most countries).

Users of the App also have the option of reading the stories in traditional Chinese 繁体子 (the script preferred in Taiwan and Hong Kong).

Do I have to buy two books to get the English and Chinese versions?

Nope! Each book contains both English and Chinese versions! Just flip the book over to switch languages!

What makes the Dim Sum Warriors books different from other children's books?

Aside from the pedagogical methods underpinning the books, the main difference is that our stories star very silly dumpling characters!


Where do you ship to?

We do our best to ship everywhere—we just have to add the necessary shipping costs.

Do you have more guides or resources about bilingual parenting?

Absolutely! You can:

Follow our blog

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Download our award-winning App

Best of all, join the Dim Sum Warriors Club!

Where are the Dim Sum Warriors located?

Our parent company, Yumcha Studios, is headquartered in Singapore, with representative offices in Taipei and New York.

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