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点心漫画顶呱呱, 学习语言笑哈哈!

Let Kids Learn Chinese by Doing What They Enjoy

Reading & Drawing Comics!

Dim Sum Warriors 点心侠 is a unique approach that is specially designed to help kids create positive associations with learning their 2nd language.

Research has consistently shown that learning is much more effective when children enjoy the process.

Through bilingual comics, voice recognition technology, games, and cartooning, Dim Sum Warriors fosters both language proficiency and creativity in a way that kids actually enjoy!

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Draw Along With Our Expert Cartoonist and Increase Your Vocabulary—Every Day!

Get consistent, bilingual input every day! The DIM SUM WARRIORS CLUB gives your kids

  • interactive livestream sessions with our cartoonist and Chinese teacher
  • 3 Saturdays/month Bilingual Comic Jams
  • 4 nights/week 10-minute 成语 Chinese idiom Doodle Dates
  • 100+ hours of bilingual drawalong videos
  • 100+ bilingual quizzes, vocabulary lists, posters, & more
  • Unlimited access to all the stories on our award-winning app

“Rebecca enjoys reading the comics and participating in the online drawing jam. This is an unconventional yet effective way of learning. The interesting thing is she doesn’t think this is a Mandarin class even though she’s learning. She thinks it’s a game class.

RAYMOND, dad of 6-year-old Rebecca

What is Dim Sum Warriors About, Exactly?

See how our approach to learning can help your kids’ bilingual journey—whether you’re a parent or a teacher. Learn More

The Award-Winning Dim Sum Warriors App

A Whole New Way to Support Reading in Chinese and English

When reading in their 2nd language, kids often have to read lower-level content that bores them.

We prioritize making the stories and characters funny and relatable to motivate the kids’ interest—and then provide tools like language-toggling (so kids never need to feel lost); read-alouds (at natural speeds, performed by real actors, not bots), vocabulary-building games and voice practice tech that provides feedback on fluency and pronunciation.

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Little Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Stories

Funny tales in English and Chinese about silly little dumplings with a lot of heart!

See Our Growing Library of Stories

Our hilarious stories are also in print!

Kid-, Parent- and Teacher-Approved Books

There’s just something special about a printed book. Our bilingual hardcover books are loved by parents, teachers and libraries—they’re Chinese on one side and English on the other, and are fabulous for bed-time or snuggling up! Kids love reading the print books together with the stories on the App!

We Bring Comics and Cartooning to Schools – in Chinese and English!

“A superb supplementary learning tool to Chinese learning”  Koh Leng Leng, Assistant Head of Languages, ACS International, Singapore.

“The students and staff at our school absolutely adore the Dim Sum Warriors” -Sarah Mounsey, Director of Libraries, Dulwich College (Singapore)

“The students enjoyed the Doodle Date so much they kept asking ‘will there be a next time?'” – Jenny Tsai, Kaoshiung American School, Taiwan

50,000+ kids have enjoyed Dim Sum Warriors through their schools and cultural institutions. Recommended for teachers looking for engaging comics-based multimodal tool for their  English, Chinese, Character Education, and Art classes. CEO, Dr. Woo Yen Yen welcomes schools, teachers, administrators and cultural institutions to ask her about the following programs:

  • Dim Sum Warriors Digital School Kits – get kids motivated to read beyond their textbooks!
  • Classroom Doodle Dates – get kids creating in Chinese and/or English!
  • Author talks – get kids inspired about the creative process!
  • School print book bulk purchase

All programs are available in Mandarin and English or either one of the languages.

Check out the growing list of schools and organizations we’ve worked with


What parents, educators, experts and kids are saying about Dim Sum Warriors

“The students and staff at our school absolutely adore The Little Dim Sum Warriors books. They are funny, they are bilingual, and they are comic style picture books. Fantastic illustrations, brilliant text and a must have for all libraries!”

Sarah Mounsey

Director of Libraries, Dulwich College (Singapore)

“Rebecca enjoys reading the comics and participating in the online drawing jam … This is an unconventional yet effective way of learning … The interesting thing is…  she doesn’t think this is a Mandarin class even though she’s learning … She thinks it’s a game class.”


Father of 6-year-old Rebecca

“My son really loves the creative ideas he gets from Dim Sum Warriors draw along sessions, and he loves trying to read aloud in Chinese with the app – when he gets three hearts, he jumps for joy! It really inspires him and gets him to try again.” 



Mother of 7-year-old Isaac

About Us

Yumcha Studios is helmed by Dr. Woo Yen Yen, a former tenured professor of education, and Colin Goh, an attorney-turned-writer and cartoonist of New York Times bestselling books. Together they are also filmmakers and multimedia creators who have made multiple award-winning feature films, critically-acclaimed graphic novels and a blockbuster musical that toured 26 cities in China.

The international team brings experience in fields from education, law, technology and data analysis to graphics, animation, multi-platform publishing and production, as well as from multiple territories, including Singapore, the USA, the UK, mainland China, Taiwan and the Philippines.

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The Growing List of Schools & Institutions We’ve Worked With

SINGAPORE: Academy of Singapore Teachers (MOE) | Anderson Primary School | Anglo-Chinese School (International) | Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) | Asian Festival of Children’s Content | Canadian International School | Chatsworth International School (Singapore) | Dulwich College | Greenwood Primary School | Haig Girls School | Hong Wen Primary School | Invictus International School | Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism​ | Maha Bodhi School | Mother Tongues Languages Symposium (MOE)​ | Qihua Primary School | Quayside Isle Preparatory School | Speak Mandarin Campaign​ | Singapore American School  | Singapore Book Council | Singapore Writers Festival |  | Tanglin Trust School | United World College|  | VIVITA Singapore | WILD Rice Theatre

HONG KONG: Asia Society, Hong Kong Center (Hong Kong) ​| INDONESIA: State University of Malang |  MALAYSIA: Dwi Emas International School (Malaysia)​ | Inspiros International School | MAINLAND CHINA: Theatre Above, Shanghai (China)​ | TAIWAN: Kaohsiung American School | National Central University | USA: Hellenic Classical Charter School (New York) | Public School 173 (New York) |  | Washington Yuying Private Charter School (Washington, DC)

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