What parents, educators, experts and kids are saying about Dim Sum Warriors

“In short, I would say it’s peerless.  It’s original.  It’s really hard to compare. This is neither an app, nor an online class.  It’s a great mix of the two.  Of course, it is possible to just buy the books, or just use the app.  However, the whole Club package, including the livestreams is what makes it so compelling.  It’s incomparable to any app.” Read the whole review


Language Learning Tools Reviewer

“We have been fans of the Dim Sum Warriors books for some time! We spent a fun and creative morning at the online Jam drawing different emotions and learning the words for them. The kids were crazy over the final minutes when they could request whatever they wanted drawn.”


Artist and mother of 2 kids, ages 5 and 7

“My daughter looks forward to every single Jam session because she gets to learn things like how to draw different kinds of trees and what their names are called in Chinese. She uses the App to read the books in Chinese and English. I believe kids learn best when they are enjoying it and it’s definitely the case with the Dim Sum Warriors sessions each week. 


Mother of Lorelle, aged 9

“It has great stories that you can toggle between languages to help kids learn them, and has activities to reinforce the words you see in the stories.”


Teacher and Mum of Kita, aged 5

“The boys are having a blast with the app. I’ve not seen my P2 (aged 8) read Chinese words so fast than at the sheep game!”  

Educator and Mother of Four

 “The students and staff at our school absolutely adore The Little Dim Sum Warriors books.  They tick so many boxes for books that are in high demand by students and staff. They are funny, they are bilingual, and they are comic style picture books. Fantastic illustrations, brilliant text and a must have for all libraries!”


Director of Libraries, Dulwich College (Singapore)

“The app is user-friendly, inviting, and is rich with humor. Using multiple modalities, it serves as a pedagogical tool that provides readers of all ages the skillset they need to develop bilingual proficiency as well as biliteracy. It has a unique feature that promotes translanguaging and cultivates appreciation for visual arts.”


New York-based Early Childhood Education Expert and Professor

“The students in our dual language program grow and become proficient in two languages, English and Mandarin, over the course of 5 years, from 1st grade to 5th grade. Dim Sum Warriors is such an incredible tool for our students, not only in supporting their bilingual reading development/progression, but also exposing them to cultural practices/traditions. The students are also engaged because they find the drawings cute and the storylines humorous.”


3rd and 4th Grade Dual Language Teacher, P.S. 173Q (New York City)

“The light-hearted performance by the Little Dim Sum Warriors had the audience entertained and educated at the same time.”


at the 40th Anniversary of the Speak Mandarin Campaign

“Filled with adorable illustrations and an incredibly fun storyline that’s sure to engage readers! The bilingual text and eye-catching color-coded layout also make it easy for early learners to learn as they read. I wish Dim Sum Warriors existed when I was a kid struggling to learn Mandarin!”

Felicia Low-Jimenez,

Co-Author of the Sherlock Sam series

“Joshua is so into 成语 time! What got him hooked was when Colin drew the snake with legs for 画蛇添足。it is so cute to see him running around the living room shouting, “It is 成语 time!” 


Mom of Jude and Joshua, Dim Sum Warriors Club Members

“Rebecca enjoys reading the comics and participating in the online drawing jam … This is an unconventional yet effective way of learning … The interesting thing is…  she doesn’t think this is a Mandarin class even though she’s learning … She thinks it’s a game class.”


Father of Rebecca, aged 6

“My son really loves the creative ideas he gets from Dim Sum Warriors draw along sessions, and he loves trying to read aloud in Chinese with the app – when he gets three hearts, he jumps for joy! It really inspires him and gets him to try again.” 


Mother of Isaac, aged 7

The Dim Sum Warriors App gives plenty of freedom for practice: It’s easy to toggle from one language to another, limitless possibilities to listen and re-listen to the stories / words, possibility to look into a keyword more closely, a chance to record and listen to your own reading, with good feedback from the solution about the pronunciation. The Dim Sum Warriors Curriculum has:

1. Extensive, detailed and yet easy to access materials for educators to ensure successful learning experiences for the students.

2. Visually appealing and easy to use digital application to support and diversify the learning process.

3. Learning through stories that happens naturally and supports a bi-lingual approach


“Our goal is for our students to have access to being global citizens. Multilingual/multicultural exposure helps to build their empathy and communication with others. The growth in problem solving, critical thinking skills and higher order thinking due to the brain development of multilingual people will benefit our students as they grow, not only in school but in their adult lives. Dim Sum Warriors is one way to help meet our goal of motivating our students to engage in Mandarin through diverse modes of communication. We want our students to feel excited and confident in speaking, listening, reading and writing in Mandarin, Dim Sum Warriors is a motivating factor.”


Director of Teaching and Learning, Washington Yuying Public Charter School (Washington D.C.)

“At the end of the day, our advice to students is that they must learn both languages well. When we heard about the Dim Sum Warriors app and the website, we were thrilled because we knew it was going to be a fun way to use home language and English with our Chinese-speaking students.”


ESL Teacher, Hellenic Classical Charter School (Staten Island, NYC)


“My 7-year-old daughter keeps re-reading the Little Dim Sum Warriors books. She thinks they’re really funny, and she laughs every time she reads them.”


Winner of the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress 金马奖“最佳女主角奖”得主

“I wish I had Dim Sum Warriors when I was a child. Then my Chinese would have been 顶呱呱, instead of “guagua”. Pick up this book and have fun learning both English and Chinese. 包你满意!

mrbrown (Lee Kin Mun 李健敏)

“Easy to use, suitable for kids my child’s age. Images are child-friendly, language is age-appropriate.”


Educational Psychologist & Mum of Sean, aged 5

“The real review should come from my kids — except they don’t fully realize how much they’re learning from this simple story. What they do know is that these Dim Sum Warriors books spark meaningful family discussions and bring us laughter!”

Emily Teoh

a mom with three girls who blogs at www.lahlahbanana.com

“Both of us really have a very good bonding time together when we began with reading the Dim Sum Warrior books as bed time stories, playing the app together, occupying her with the ‘live’ drawalong session & then doing the quiz together… We have so many topics in common!


Mother of Gabby, aged 6

“It’s great because it can read to you and it can change the language and you can even record yourself reading the book.”  

Age 6

“Dim Sum Warriors has provided a great platform for Chinese supplementary reading materials. My children love the stories and drawings and I find the quizzes and worksheets very helpful for learning. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos too. Comic characters that came out from our daily life, that’s something that kids can really connect to!”


Assistant Head, Faculty of Languages, ACS International (Singapore)

「國小二年級的學生們在學期初都很害羞,不敢說英文,但在學期末,都能夠開心大膽地開口了¬……他們的詞彙量也有顯著的增加! 孩子們不僅更有自信,也很喜歡讀《小小點心俠》系列童書,家長們都對此現象樂觀其成。」


英文老師, 臺灣,台北市

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