CLUB + 2 Books Deal

SGD 199.09

12 Months’ membership in the Dim Sum Warriors Club!

A creative yet relaxed experience for your kids, including exclusive access to:

✅ 3x a month livestream Bilingual Comic Jams with story readings, vocabulary exploration and cartoon draw-alongs with our artist and certified Chinese teacher;

✅ 4x a week livestream 成语 Doodle Dates where for 10-15 minutes 4 nights a week, your kids can draw along with our artist as he interprets a Chinese idiom in cartoon form;

✅ Bilingual web learning resources such as videos, quizzes, mini-posters and printable activities;

✅ PLUS: Our award-winning app and its bilingual comics, games and reading practice tech!


Two (2) Little Dim Sum Warriors bilingual hardcover books of your choice!


Please leave a note if you want to swap the book for another similarly-priced title from our shop.

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