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Bayu yupp very clear
Bayu the stream is quite stable too
jasminelau streamyard side buffering sometimes
jasminelau my screen just froze for a short while.
Bayu still smooth on my end
jasminelau you see my counting?
Bayu yes
jasminelau I wonder how we can enable the scrolling of this chat window?
Bayu scrolling as in?
jasminelau it does not auto scroll after i have typed. so i cannot see what i type without manually scrolling down
jasminelau I mean this chat window
Bayu thats strange
Bayu it did on mine
jasminelau You?
Bayu you need to pull the side bar to the bottom
jasminelau I wonder we should increase the length of this chat window
Bayu and it will scroll up
Bayu we can
jasminelau I will do it on this test page then
jasminelau OK. i will let this run for another half hour. Thanks
Bayu okay sure
Bayu jasmine, the stream is auto start once Yen Yen starts the stream from vimeo
Bayu when one livestream ended, in vimeo you need to refresh the page to start the next stream.
Bayu so when the JAM end i need to refresh to see DD, else it just display event has ended.
Bayu this maybe because we are using the same stream key
Bayu 18 sec delay between vimeo and our website
Ching 000
Ching i'm testing different devices
Ching I'm on now
Ching visual and audio quality are both good