We are not live at this moment. Please check back later.

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Anonymous152 Hi
Anonymous152 Looks good
Anonymous152 You wanna say something?
Anonymous140 We are checking to see if there's buffering for any one
Anonymous152 Hello
Anonymous152 Yes working
Anonymous152 I can hear you
Anonymous140 great great!
Anonymous140 OK so Colorado is a check
Anonymous152 No buffering so far
Anonymous140 Seattle is a check
Anonymous140 San Francisco we had problems
Anonymous140 Singapore is good
Anonymous152 Anything else?
Anonymous152 If nothing else from Colorado, I'm gonna put C to bed
Anonymous140 thanks lois!
Anonymous140 all good
Anonymous152 Night night!!!
Anonymous140 Goodnight Colorado!
Colin Goh Seattle in TW is OK lol
Anonymous140 i'll leave this running or we are good to close?
Colin Goh I think on Saturday we should start earlier and post a message telling the audience there is a slight time delay
Anonymous140 no don't confuse them... it's only a 20s delay
jasminelau Yah, it may be confusing
jasminelau they may wonder what they need to do
Colin Goh ok
Anonymous140 we should start streaming early yes ... so that there's something when they come in and we can trouble shoot if there are problems
Anonymous140 THANK YOU EVERYONE! I'm logging off now
jasminelau Bye!
Anonymous140 bye