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In Chinese and English

Build your child’s confidence in Chinese! Our club is a relaxed and creative environment where kids can learn by reading and drawing bilingual comics.

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Want to get your child reading in their second language?

Perhaps you already can… but not without a struggle.

Too often, when reading traditional texts in Chinese, kids tell us they feel like…

😨 “There are too many words.”
😰 “It’s too hard.”
😓 “It’s so boring!”

Yet we find ourselves pushing our kids to read these texts. And that’s because we agree that reading is essential for improving in the language.

But is this “improvement” worth the price of having our kids associate reading in Chinese with something they hate doing?

What if there’s a better way?

We know that if there’s one thing kids love to read — it’s comics.

And, studies have found comics to benefit literacy development, and in particular, it is especially effective when used for second language learning,

“Comics ‘as opposed to traditional language textbooks, can boost learner’s self-confidence and more effectively develop their multimodal competence.'”

– Raees Calafato & Freda Gudim (2021), Journal of Graphic Novel and Comics.

Dim Sum Warriors reading graphic novels

In short, the benefits of comics are obvious.

💪 They help build literacy skills and expose kids to a vast vocabulary
🦸‍♀️ They engage through funny characters and dynamic language
🙋🏻‍♂️ They build confidence through bite-size text and contextual clues

But why stop at just reading comics when kids can CREATE their own?

“You often see children creating their own comics, in a way that you don’t with other narrative art forms. They’re simple to replicate, but the effects that can be achieved on the page can be complex, engaging, and satisfying to young readers.”

– Dr. Chris Murray, University of Dundee

Learning Should Make Kids Feel More Confident and More Creative

We are Dr. Yen Yen Woo and Colin Goh, the creators of Dim Sum Warriors.
We both grew up feeling like we’re somehow “naturally bad” in Chinese… but were determined our daughter shouldn’t feel the same way. 

So we pulled from our experience in education research, screen-writing, and cartooning, to create a learning experience that focuses on motivation and inspiration; to frame languages not as school subjects but as tools for communication, creation, and play.

We’re very pleased that our daughter is now a confident reader, writer, speaker, and creator in both Mandarin and English. And we’re even more pleased to share that thousands of kids have already benefitted from the Dim Sum Warriors method.

Come Read and Draw With Us

There are many apps, platforms, and enrichment classes covering the school curriculum or preparing your child for a standardized test.

Your schedule might already be completely filled. Perhaps this is one that will provide the much needed inspiration.

Because how many of the programs and apps you’re enrolled in:

… provide a truly relaxed and friendly bilingual environment?

… inspire creativity through live draw-along sessions?

… get kids reading authentic comic book texts that are not stressful but in fact, make them laugh as they are learning?

In the Dim Sum Warriors Club, your kids can grow confident in Chinese and in drawing through our interactive live draw-along events. And to supplement their learning, they also get full access to the Dim Sum Warriors Comic Reader App and Vocabulary Lists.

Here’s what our club members are saying

“My son really loves the creative ideas he gets from Dim Sum Warriors draw-along sessions, and he loves trying to read aloud in Chinese with the app – when he gets three hearts, he jumps for joy! It really inspires him and gets him to try again.”

Mom of 7 yr-old Isaac

“My daughter looks forward to every single JAM session because she gets to learn how to draw things and what their names are called in Chinese. I believe kids learn best when they are enjoying it and it’s definitely the case with Dim Sum Warriors each week.”

Mom of 9 yr-old Lorelle

“Joshua is so into 成语 time! What got him hooked was when Colin drew the snake – 画蛇添足。it is so cute to see him running around the living room shouting, “it is 成语 time!

Mom of 2 Boys, Jude and Joshua

“Rebecca enjoys reading the comics and participating in the online drawing jam … this is an unconventional yet effective way of learning … The interesting thing is … she doesn’t think this is a Mandarin class even though she’s learning … she thinks it’s a game class.”

Father of 6 yr-old Rebecca



You’re a parent who…

✔️ believes that “interest” and “motivation” are more important than completing a prescribed list of tasks

✔️ values kids’ expression of original ideas

✔️ prefers creative and non-traditional modes of learning


You’re a learner who…

✔️ enjoys silly cartoons, silly stories, and has a silly sense of humor

✔️ loves drawing and doodling

✔️ thinks it’s cool to explore different cultures with other bilingual kids





✔️ 3 x 45-min Livestream Bilingual Comic Jams per month ($540 value)

✔️ 3 x 10-min Livestream Chengyu Drawalong per week ($360 value)

✔️ Full access to our award-winning bilingual comic reader app ($100 value)

✔️ Unlimited access to all bilingual learning resources on our website ($200 value)

✔️ Exclusive discount coupons in the Dim Sum Warriors shop


TOTAL VALUE: ~$1,200/yr.

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