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Bilingual Comic Jam - Intro

Dim Sum Warriors supports language learning—so why do we also draw with children so much?

A Video for Every Festival!

端午节 The Dragonboat Festival! The origins of the festival with paper puppets, visiting a family making 粽子 (rice dumplings) and how to draw a dragonboat!

Fun themes!

Watch and learn how to draw a “chocolate velociraptor” and what to call it in Chinese!

成语成画 Chinese Idioms

成语 Chinese idioms are a major recurring headache for many students and parents. But fear them no more! Club and Plus+ subscribers get to watch 成语成画 videos where Uncle Colin turns these enigmatic idioms into funny cartoons while 萧老师 Teacher Hsiao explains their backstory. There are 100+ videos on our 成语 Chinese Idiom Cartoon Dictionary!

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