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Kids Learning Chinese? Get Great Bilingual Books with FREE Shipping!

Are your kids learning Chinese? Do you want to share with them the best way to learn more of the Chinese language and culture in a modern and entertaining way? You need the Dim Sum Warriors!

Get your kids this special set of bilingual children’s books featuring hilarious stories and adorable characters—designed by top creators and international education experts from Singapore, Taiwan and New York!

Plus: You also get added support from the award-winning Dim Sum Warriors app—the best bilingual children’s comic reader app on the market and independently certified for quality by Education Alliance Finland, the world’s leading edtech verification agency.

Usual Shipping Costs: approx. US$30

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The DIM SUM WARRIORS Yummy 7 Bilingual Book Set!

Little Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Children's Comic Books


7 Hilarious Storybooks!

Beautifully Hardbound Bilingual (Chinese-English) Editions
Read them in one language, then flip them over to read them again in another! Great for bedtime and as gifts!

Stories & Adorable Characters by Expert Educators and Award-Winning Creators
This means kids will willingly read the books on their own. They’ll be too busy giggling to notice they’re actually learning too! Great for kids 5-11!

Seven stories that provoke both thought and laughter:



BOOK 3: GIVE ME A NAME 给我一个名字!




BOOK 7: BAO MAN 包子超人!

  • Written by award-winning screenwriters Woo Yen Yen & Colin Goh
  • Curriculum Design by Dr. Woo Yen Yen (who received her doctorate from Columbia University’s prestigious Teachers College before becoming a tenured professor in the field of education, with experience working in New York, Taiwan and Singapore)
  • Translation by top translators, including Professor Lin Wenchi of Taiwan’s National Central University


We’ve created a special guide with story synopses and key vocabulary so that parents, caregivers, teachers and tutors can deepen kids’ enjoyment and learning. Perfect for making plans to read together! In fact, you can download the guide NOW.

Limited Time Only!

We know how expensive it is to source books from publishers in Asia, so we’ve cooked up this special deal for those of you in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and China. Your group admin should have emailed you a special coupon code with an expiry date. Enter that coupon code at checkout to get free shipping! (You can SAVE over US$30 on Shipping!)

BONUS! Access to the award-winning Dim Sum Warriors App!

7 stories not enough? Need to travel and don’t want to lug all the books? Want to read before the books arrive?

With our app, you’ll get all 7 stories—plus another 11, with even more coming down the pipeline—complete with these amazing features:

  • The stories performed by real kid actors at natural speed!
  • Text that can be toggled between English, simplified Chinese 简体 and traditional Chinese 繁體!
  • Games that build vocabulary!
  • Voice recognition tech—practice reading into your device’s microphone and get feedback on fluency and pronunciation!

Want bilingual Chinese-English stories for your kids to boost their Mandarin:

👍 That they’re actually excited to read?
Sadly, far too many Chinese kids’ books are boring. They’re often just vehicles for delivering vocabulary or trite moralistic messages like “If you don’t study hard, you’ll be a failure,” and “Obey your elders, no matter what.”
Wouldn’t it be great if they could read books with super cute characters and funny stories by award-winning creators?

👍 Won’t overwhelm them with too many Chinese words?
Too many Chinese children’s books out there overwhelm and intimidate kids with arcane terms or classical allusions.
Wouldn’t it be great if kids had books with:

    • stories that match their level of comprehension and sense of humour?
    • naturalistic dialogue and phrases they’ll want to try out in everyday life?
    • Plus visual and audio support as well as references and resources for the stories in English, so that they’ll feel empowered instead of lost?

👍 That promotes an inclusive, multicultural worldview?
Let’s face it: too many Chinese kids’ books have a very backward-looking and monocultural perspective, which is out of step with how Chinese has become a global language, spoken by millions of diverse and dynamic people.
Wouldn’t it be great if they they had books that cover ideas they’ll need to develop future global competencies—like having a growth mindset, or uncovering our own unique talents, or celebrating those who may be different from ourselves? 

👍 Include audio support with authentic Chinese voices at natural speeds?
Why do so many Chinese audiobooks use voice-overs that sound like they were made by cloyingly-sweet chipmunks, or worse, bots?
Wouldn’t it be great if your kids are supported in their reading by an app that features a variety of Chinese voices performed by actual kids speaking at natural speeds?

👍 That the whole family can enjoy?
Aren’t you tired reading the same simple books to your children every night?
Wouldn’t it be great to have a set of books you can choose from, that all have funny stories and dialogue (which you and your kids can also use to role-play if you wish?)

Meet Our Little Heroes with a Lot of Heart!

点心 (diǎn xīn in Mandarin and dim sum in Cantonese) are basically what Chinese people call snacks, but the words literally mean ‘a little bit of heart’. Your kids will giggle but also feel empathy as they join Baozi, Xiajiao and Shaomai on their crazy but also very relatable adventures!

Quality Assurance!

The Dim Sum Warriors App has been independently certified for high pedagogical quality by Education Alliance Finland—the world’s leading edtech impact verification agency.


“My 7-year-old daughter keeps re-reading the Little Dim Sum Warriors books. She thinks they’re really funny, and she laughs every time she reads them.”


Winner of the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress 金马奖“最佳女主角奖”得主

“The students and staff at our school absolutely adore the Little Dim Sum Warriors books. They tick so many boxes for books that are in high demand by students and staff. They are funny, they are bilingual, and they are comic style picture books. Fantastic illustrations, brilliant text and a must have for all libraries!”


Director of Libraries, Dulwich College (Singapore)

“Students are captivated by the visuals and humorous dialogue and word games that are pitched at different levels to make learning easier. I find the range of lesson plans and materials useful too as I can pick out what works for my class. Dim Sum Warriors is a superb supplementary learning tool to Chinese learning!”


Assistant Head, Faculty of Languages, ACS International

“Dim Sum Warriors is such an incredible tool for our students, not only in supporting their bilingual reading development/ progression, but also exposing them to cultural practices/ traditions. The students are also engaged because they find the drawings cute and the storylines humorous.”


Dual Language Teacher, P.S. 173 (New York City)

“Dim Sum Warriors is one way to help meet our goal of motivating our students to engage in Mandarin through diverse modes of communication. We want our students to feel excited and confident in speaking, listening, reading and writing in Mandarin. Dim Sum Warriors is a motivating factor”


Director of Teaching and Learning, Washington Yuying Public Charter School (Washington, DC)

“The app is user-friendly, inviting, and is rich with humor. Using multiple modalities, it serves as a pedagogical tool that provides readers of all ages the skillset they need to develop bilingual proficiency as well as biliteracy. It has a unique feature that promotes translanguaging and cultivates appreciation for visual arts.”


New York-based Early Childhood Education Expert and Professor

The Dim Sum Warriors App gives plenty of freedom for practice: It’s easy to toggle from one language to another, limitless possibilities to listen and re-listen to the stories / words, possibility to look into a keyword more closely, a chance to record and listen to your own reading, with good feedback from the solution about the pronunciation. The Dim Sum Warriors Curriculum has:

1. Extensive, detailed and yet easy to access materials for educators to ensure successful learning experiences for the students.

2. Visually appealing and easy to use digital application to support and diversify the learning process.

3. Learning through stories that happens naturally and supports a bi-lingual approach


“The light-hearted performance by the Little Dim Sum Warriors had the audience entertained and educated at the same time.”


at the 40th Anniversary of the Speak Mandarin Campaign


The Dim Sum Warriors Learning System is rooted in actual research into literacy development, pedagogy and learning, as well as deep experience in teaching and great respect for the work of teachers.

Yumcha Studios is led by Dr. Woo Yen Yen, who has worked as a schoolteacher, an instructional designer for an education technology firm, as well as many years as a tenured professor in the field of education, specializing in curriculum development.

We also understand content creation deeply. Yen Yen and partner Colin Goh are also multiple international award-winning creatives. They have made feature films that have been screened all over the world and picked up major prizes in Europe, Asia and the USA, and are also the creators of the critically-acclaimed Dim Sum Warriors graphic novels (now published by Scholastic), which were adapted into a giant stage musical that has toured over 25 major cities in China.

New York Times bestselling cartoonist Colin is also an attorney with qualifications in three jurisdictions, and has deep experience with strategy, research and narrative structure.



Chief Executive Officer & Head of Education

  • Doctorate in Education (Teachers College, Columbia University, New York)
  • Former Associate Professor in the College of Education & Information Sciences,
    Long Island University (New York)
  • Former Visiting Professor, National Central University (Taiwan)
  • Specialist in Curricular and Multimedia Production
COLIN GOH, Esq. 吴荣平

COLIN GOH, Esq. 吴荣平

Chief of Content & Legal Counsel

  • LL.B Hons. (Faculty of Laws, University College London, UK)
  • Masters in Law & Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar (Columbia Law School, New York, USA)
  • Attorney at Law (New York, USA)
  • Barrister at Law (Middle Temple, UK)
  • Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore (non-practising)
  • Professional Cartoonist since 1987
  • Cartoonist of New York Times bestsellers Search Inside Yourself & Joy On Demand
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