Back to School Must-Read: “UH-OH! 糟糕!”

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One kid has overslept,  the other one has forgotten her homework, and another his water bottle. Will you get the kids out the door in time so they don’t miss the bus?

Does your weekday morning always feel like you’re getting ready for battle and you heave a sigh of relief when your children are on the bus?

Then you must read Dim Sum Warriors’ delightful bilingual story in the app: “UH-OH! 糟糕!” Comes with cute voice-overs that children will love.

Read it with your children so they will remember to pack their bags properly for school! Baozi keeps saying “Uh-Oh! 糟糕!”  because he keeps forgetting things!  A hilarious story that resonates with with any family with children!

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The Dim Sum Warriors Creative Team

Dim Sum Warriors is led by the accomplished Dr. Woo Yen Yen. An education expert, Dr. Woo has many years of experience as a researcher and a professor of education. She is Programme Leader, MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice at LASALLE | University of the Arts Singapore.

Dim Sum Warriors Co-Creator is Colin Goh, renowned humorist celebrated for his writing and cartoons. Together, they have co-created various works, including the award-winning feature film “Singapore Dreaming,” the Dim Sum Warriors App, the comic series “,” and the Coxford Singlish Dictionary.

Dim Sum Warriors Creative Director is Josef Lee, an award-winning storyteller and author of beloved children’s books such as “Bear With Me 我的守护熊” and the White Raven listed book, “When a Wolf in Sheep’s Skin Meets a Sheep in Wolf’s Skin 当披着羊皮的狼遇见披着狼皮的羊“.

Embark On an Adventure for Going to School in Time: “UH-OH! 糟糕!”


In the heart of our innovative app lies an engaging bilingual audio-storybook titled “UH-OH! 糟糕!” This busy and funny story revolves around Papa Bao faces the challenge of preparing Baozi for school promptly as the school holidays were over. However, it’s a task easier said than done.

Why You Need This Story,
Especially After School Holidays

Relatable to Everyday Life:
“UH-OH! 糟糕!” resonates with children’s daily experiences, making it a relatable and enjoyable read.

Hilarious Audio Entertainment:
The story’s bilingual audio read aloud enhances the humor, providing a delightful experience so young readers will hit replay button again and again, fostering language development.

Short and Digestible:
Crafted with short and digestible sentences, the story is perfectly suited for young readers, ensuring an engaging and immersive experience during school semesters.

There’s More to Maximize Bilingual Learning 

Bilingual Vocab & Sight Word Games:
Reinforce language skills with engaging games that include audio support for effective reviewing after reading.

Bilingual Discussion Questions:
Finished reading the story but not sure how to discuss? Use the Bilingual Discussion Questions specially designed for each story to talk about the story with your kids. These are designed for young readers to make Text-to-Self and Text-to-World connections. So you can lead in discussions at home like a pro-teacher!

Bilingual Livestream Events and Videos:

Join our creators in live events and videos where they read through the stories and explore related topics through doodling. Children can actively participate, sharing ideas inspired by their own lives.



Embark on a bilingual learning adventure with our app and make this school year both entertaining and educational for your child.


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