The Story of Our Children’s Art

“How do we keep our kids inspired and motivated to draw?” This video follows the story of our daughter’s art-making over 10 years from Age 1 to 11 and provides a delightful example of the documentation of children’s art.

Great Movies to Help Kids Learn Chinese

Great Movies to Help Kids Learn Chinese

Summer school holidays are just around the corner... so here's a helpful list of Chinese movies your kids might like—provided by Jia Yu 姐姐, a Masters student in Taiwan who sometimes helps out during...

5 Useful Chinese Phrases for Mother’s Day

5 Useful Mother's Day Phrases in Chinese Hey, kids, don’t just wish Mom “Happy Mother’s Day (母亲节快乐 | 母親節快樂 Mǔqīn jié kuàilè)”—try these 5 Chinese phrases and put an extra smile on her face! 1. Mom,...