2023 Happy Holidays from the Dim Sum Warriors Young Artists and Team!

It’s the Dim Sum Warriors holiday tradition!  The Dim Sum Warriors team held a Holiday Doodle Date to celebrate Christmas and Dongzhi 冬至 with kids and families who love drawing and are interested in learning Chinese!

Here’s what you missed!

We learned fun facts about the important Chinese festival, Dongzhi 冬至!

And, we translated the crazy ideas that kids proposed into Chinese!

Here’s the video in case you missed the whole thing!

Of course, the young artists suggested these crazy ideas …

Durian Reindeer
Liú lián xún lù

Special note: is pronounced xún (2nd tone) because it’s an adjective to describe 鹿 / deer.
If you pronounce it as xùn (4th tone), like how it shows on Google Translate, it becomes a verb, which means to train animals.


A Cookie Wearing An Ice Cream Hat
Dài zhe bīng qí lín mào zi de bǐng qián

Special note: Ice cream could be written as 冰淇淋(bīng qí lín )冰激凌(bīng jī líng )雪糕(xuě gāo )霜淇淋(shuāng qí lín). So many options! But if you say the most common one: 冰淇淋(bīng qí lín )everyone will understand what you’re trying to say!


Presents Fondue
Lǐ wù guō

Special note: Fondue in Chinese is the same as hot pot, 火锅(Huǒ guō), but in casual speech, it tends to be shortened to 锅(guō)with the main ingredient added as an adjective, such as the most well known kinds of fondue for the winter,  cheese fondue, 起司锅(Qǐ sī guō).

Pepperoni Christmas Tree
Là cháng shèng dàn shù

辣肠(là cháng):literally means spicy sausage. Because “pepperoni” is an Italian food, the full name is:

意大利辣香肠(Yìdàlì là xiāngcháng) / Literal transiation: Italian Spicy Sausage


Here’s What the Young Artists Sent In!

Thank you all for sending us your kids’ artwork responding to the theme, “Summer Snowman 夏天的雪人“. Dim Sum Warriors artist, Uncle Josef, and writer, Auntie Yen Yen has left a few comments for you!

Uncle Josef:”Love how you interpreted the Summer Snowman theme! It’s funny to see the Snowman eating ice cream and starting to sweat in the hot sun, standing over a melted pool of water.”

Uncle Josef:”I liked how you used sunglasses and orange juice to represent the summer!”


Auntie Yen Yen:”Oh! I’m a little worried that the Durian Reindeer will run into the Pepperoni Christmas Tree!”

Thank You For Spending Your Holidays With the Dim Sum Warriors!

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