Why Do Kids Love the Holiday Doodle Dates? 

We chatted with our young doodlers about why they love the Dim Sum Warriors Doodle Dates. 

“Because it embraces our chaos!” ZZ (Age 12).  

Strange thing to say about a bilingual drawing class!  

Here’s the context:  

At Dim Sum Warriors, we believe that the best kind of learning happens when the learner shapes the purpose of learning – that’s when learning becomes “my” learning and not simply what the teacher wants to teach. 

So in each Doodle Date, young creators contribute their ideas about what should be drawn, and they get very excited when they see their ideas come alive – in English, Mandarin and in cartoon! That feeling of excitement stems from learning through “my” ideas. Now they have a positive feeling and the visual of an unusual drawing to connect their learning to. 



Let me give you an example: 

Ever thought of drawing “a cat in a bonsai tree”? Sounds pretty wild and “chaotic”, right? 

Well most grown-ups would not think of it, but kids will! 

A young doodler suggested this and because of it, the audience got to learn to say small cat “小猫咪 and bonsai “盆景 – all because of a crazy idea that a child wanted to express. 


Many of the children recall ideas and words that they learn casually on the Dim Sum Warriors platform and they tell us it really helps them overcome the negative feelings they have about learning their second language.   


My Chinese is horrible” but “Dim Sum Warriors literally helped me in my oral exam!

Nadia, Age 10

How does this happen? 

Because here, we accept the chaos!

ZZ, Age 12

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