Christmas 圣诞节! Winter Solstice 冬至!

What are the similarities and differences between these 2 important winter celebrations?

Let’s find out as we draw winter-related doodles while also picking up useful terms! 

Join Auntie Yen Yen & Uncle Colin (the creators of the Dim Sum Warriors) for  this unique creative learning event.


from 10-10.45 am

(Singapore time, UTC+8)

which is Friday December 16th at 7-7.45 pm (US Pacific Standard Time) for friends in the US.

Benefits of signing up: You get to suggest drawing prompts for our cartoonist and comment!

Note: One day before the event, registrants will get an email with the event link—so look out for it in your inbox! 

If you didn’t register, you can still watch the event and draw along HERE.
You just can’t comment or suggest drawing ideas.

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BONUS EVENT especially for parents!

This event is for Mummies and Daddies (mainly because of the time, but we’ll keep it family friendly in case kids listen in!)

We’re thrilled to have with us 蔡宗穎老师 KEN TSAI, a historian and researcher at National Taipei University who is an honest-to-goodness expert on Chinese ghosts!

He has published a book, 《宋代读书人与他们的鬼》(Song Dynasty Scholars and Their Ghosts) which can be purchased here and also has a podcast about ghosts from Chinese literature like 山海经 The Classic of Mountains and Seas.

We’ll have an informal bilingual chat about the strange creatures that pop up in Chinese myths and literature. It’s going to be really fascinating and you’ll pick up things you probably never knew before, like:

👻 Why do Chinese zombies HOP instead of RUNNING?

👻 What are the effects of Chinese mermaids’ tears?

👻 What exactly is Morris in Marvel’s Shang-Chi movie based on?

Bring your friends and introduce them to some really unusual bits of Chinese heritage!

The event will be held on Instagram Live at our account: https://www.instagram.com/dimsumwarriors

Date: Sun 30th October

Time: 8 pm (Singapore time, UTC+8)

(For audiences in the US, that’s 8 am EST on Sun Oct 30th)

Please follow us on Instagram to receive notifications!

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