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Little Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Tales: 8 Book Set


8 funny bilingual books your kids will want to read and re-read!

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Your kids are studying Chinese, but are they reading in Chinese for pleasure? Why not?

Reading for pleasure is the #1 method for acquiring a language!

“There is massive evidence that self-selected reading, or reading what you want to read, is responsible for most of our literacy development.”

Professor Stephen Krashen

University of Southern California

Dim Sum Warriors 点心侠 is here to help your kids enjoy reading in both languages!

  • Beautiful Hardcover Bilingual Books—Great for Bedtime Reading!
  • Simplified Chinese on one side, with English on the flip side: so readers are challenged to read in one language at a time, but are always supported in terms of comprehension.


  • Stories support social-emotional growth on many issues that kids can relate to.
  • We test the stories with kids to make sure they are all funny! We place a big emphasis on humor!
  • Great for ages 4-11
  • No hanyu pinyin, but no worries—we’ve got you covered! Check out Bonus #1 and #2 below!

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The Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Books are loved by parents and teachers!

In fact, they’re already in over 1000+ schools and libraries!

“We had trouble trying to tear Nathan away from the books, to get him to eat dinner!”


Legal Recruiter & Mom to 2 Boys (Singapore)

“我七岁的女儿不停的重读 《小小点心侠》 的故事书。她觉得内容很滑稽,每次阅读时都哈哈大笑!”
“My 7-year-old daughter keeps re-reading the Little Dim Sum Warriors books. She thinks they’re really funny, and she laughs every time she reads them.”


Golden Horse Award-Winning Actress & Mom

“The students and staff at our school absolutely adore The Little Dim Sum Warriors books.  They tick so many boxes for books that are in high demand by students and staff. They are funny, they are bilingual, and they are comic style picture books. Fantastic illustrations, brilliant text and a must have for all libraries!


Director of Libraries, Dulwich College (Singapore)

What’s In The Books

Crazy stories that are full of heart and imagination—featuring 3 adorable dumplings!

Baozi 包子, Xiajiao 虾饺 and Shaomai 烧卖 deal with situations that all kids can relate to, but always with plenty of humor and empathy.

Book 1: Papa, I’m Still Not Sleepy 爸爸, 我还不想睡

Papa Bao tries—very, very, very hard—to put Baozi to bed…

Book 2: My Way Is The Best 我的方法最好

Shaomai must find his own way of bouncing on a Boing Boing Bat when Baozi and Xiajiao argue over the best technique.

Book 3: I’m Very Busy! 我很忙!

Is Baozi really too busy to play with Xiajiao and Shaomai… or is something else going on?

Book 4: I Don’t Want Any Mistakes! 我不希望出任何差错!

Xiajiao is working on her artistic masterpiece… and anyone who gets in her way is in for big trouble! 

Book 5: Your Relatives Are Weird! 你的亲戚好奇怪!

Xiajiao and Shaomai meet Chashao Bao’s relatives and their first impression is… relatively weird. Readers are sure to have their vocabularies extended in this hilarious tale of mis-impressions!

Book 6: Give Me a Name! 给我一个名字!

 Xiajiao and Shaomai have a crazy argument over just who invented Smelly Tofu.

Book 7: BAO MAN! 包子超人!

When danger strikes, can pudgy superhero Bao Man really save the day? The Little Dim Sum Warriors must figure out Bao Man’s super powers before it’s too late!

Book 8: There’s a Hole! 那里有个洞!

Baozi and Xiajiao spot a dangerous hole in the road… but will anyone do anything about it?


The wife-and-husband creative team of Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh created the Dim Sum Warriors comics, graphic novel and also giant musical that was performed in 26 cities in China. As filmmakers, their last feature film, Singapore Dreaming, won major international prizes and has been licensed by HBO and Netflix. Their creative works have been mentioned in The Economist, the Times of London, the BBC and other global publications. Wherever they have lived—Singapore, New York, Taiwan—you can find them hunting for good dim sum.

Dr. Woo Yen Yen | Ed. D (Teachers College, Columbia University, New York)

Colin Goh | LL.B (London); LL.M (Columbia University School of Law)

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Professor Wenchi Lin is the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Taiwan’s National Central University, and is a well-known and influential film scholar. He translates Dim Sum Warriors from English to Chinese and has a lot of fun sharing the Dim Sum Warriors stories with his students at the university for reading and feedback, so that the translations are creative, enjoyable and humorous.

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