New Year’s Resolutions in Taiwan and Chinese-Learning Activity

Dim Sum Warriors New Year Card

The new year is coming. Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve  found that in Taiwan, “跨年” (kuà nián) or “stepping into the new year” marks an especially important moment to properly ensure a good beginning for the year. In some elementary schools, the teachers even set up a stool for students to step across and say their goals for the new year. 

Here are the common Taiwanese new year traditions in Chinese. Read till and you will see a list of useful words to help children make their resolutions in Chinese!

How Taiwanese people welcome the New Year

Did you know that being outdoors is a big part of welcoming the New Year in Taiwan?  

  • 跨年演唱会(Kuà Nián Yǎn Chàng Huì)New Year’s Eve Concert:
    • The New Year’s Eve concert is held in various locations, featuring performances by popular artists and musicians. Taiwanese people attend the concert with their favorite singers and count down with them. 
    • Read more at: Taipei New Year’s Eve Party – Yahoo News!


  • 跨年烟火秀 (Kuà Nián Yān Huǒ Xiù)New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display:

Fireworks seen in Tamsui. (New Taipei City Government Cultural Affairs Department photo)


  • 迎曙光(Yíng Shǔ Guāng)Welcoming the First Sunrise:


  • 跨年升旗典礼(Kuà Nián Shēng Qí Diǎn Lǐ)New Year’s Day National Flag Raising Ceremony:



What are common resolutions Taiwanese make?

Taiwanese people, like many people around the world, often make New Year’s Resolutions as a way to set goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. These are common resolutions for young people in Taiwan:


  • 身体健康(shēn tǐ jiàn kāng )Be healthy
  • 減肥(jiǎn féi)Lose Weight
  • 多运动(duō yùn dòng)Exercise More
  • 培养新兴趣(péi yǎng xīn xīng qù)Cultivate New Hobbies
  • 养成良好财务规划|養成良好財務規劃(yǎng chéng Liáng hǎo cái wù guī huà)Develop Good Financial Planning
  • 考证照(kǎo zhèng zhào)Obtain Certifications
  • 多看书(duō kàn shū)Read More Books


And many of these resolutions will stick around to be re-made the following year!


Kids Can Make Their Own New Year’s Resolutions in Chinese!

Let’s make your own New Year’s Resolutions in Chinese! Let’s start with the words we may need:

Essential Words

  • 我(Wǒ)I
  • 要(Yào)will

Words for Possible Goals

  • 长高(zhǎng gāo)Be taller
  • 公分(gōng fēn)Centimeters
  • 朋友(péng yǒu)Griends 
  • 帮助(bāng zhù)Help 
  • 玩(wán)Play 
  • 用功(yòng gōng )Study hard
  • 读书(dú shū)Read book
  • 学(xué) Learn 
  • 语言(yǔ yán)Language
  • 上床(shàng chuáng)Get to bed 
  • 准时(zhǔn shí)On time
  • 保持(bǎo chí)Keep 
  • 整洁(zhěng jié)Tidy
  • 每天(měi tiān)Every day
  • 每周(měi zhōu)Every week
  • 每个月(měi ge yuè)Every month


And combine the words into sentences like this:

  • 我要每个月看一本书。

  • I will read a new book every month. 


You can also watch the short tutorial video from our Instagram page! 



Help your kids to write down their resolutions and stick them on the wall for the upcoming 2024!

Happy New Year! 新年快乐!



Dim Sum Warriors New Year Card



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