Halloween – the Time to Get Creative!

Halloween is a time for ghosts, ghouls, and goblin and at Dim Sum Warriors, it’s the perfect occasion for getting creative and learning some Mandarin!

If you missed the annual Halloween Doodle Date, here’s the recap where we learned about ghosts and creatures in Chinese mythology and drew imaginative ideas Halloween creatures and foods with two amazing cartoonists, Colin Goh and Josef Lee!

The only place in the world where you learn to draw and say:

  • Popcorn Mummy 爆米花木乃伊 |bào mǐ huā mù nǎi yī
  • Cheese Pumpkin Jack-O’- Lantern | 起司南瓜灯 |qǐ sī nán guā dēng
  • French Fry Skeleton | 薯条骷髅 |shǔ tiáo kū lóu





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